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Offshore Physical Gold Trading and Custody

Offshore Physical Gold Trading and Custody

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Experienced investors have long known that gold, silver and platinum can be a solid investment choice. Precious metals are relatively stable in times of worldwide uncertainty, or when global economies are in a state of flux. Used correctly, they can be an effective component of a diversified investment portfolio. However, keep in mind that like any investment, they have an element of risk.

Along with many other advantages to investing with LOM, we have extensive experience dealing in all manner of precious metals and the associated derivatives.

LOM’s brokers and traders are experienced experts in the precious metals markets. This includes gold coins, forwards, futures, and gold, silver, uranium stocks along with other commodities.

For clients interested in precious metals investments we offer the following unique services:

  • ability to buy a broad variety of gold coins for custody in our vault or for physical possession*;
  • ability to buy senior and junior resource stocks on all relevant markets - Canada, US, Australia, London and South Africa;
  • ability to trade metals futures and options (gold, silver, copper, etc);
  • access to private placements in junior and intermediate resource companies, for qualified customers;
  • Over 20 years of experience by the firm in this niche market, highly experienced team with extensive contact networks in the precious metals investment sector


* LOM deals exclusively in gold coins as minted by the World Governments of Australia, Austria, Canada, China, South Africa and the United States.

Contact us to find how we can help with your precious metals investments!

  • As gold coins do not pay in-time and are not an account there may be fewer disclosure requirements. As regards purchasing and holding gold we deal in gold to all nationalities.