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    Brian Roos

    Brian has been in the Investment Advisory business for over 9 years. Initially with UBS in New York where he earned his Series 7 and Series 66 FINRA certifications, and now with LOM here in Bermuda. Brian enjoys providing quality client service and helping clients create customized investment strategies to meet their financial needs & goals.

    Financial Advisor, LOM Financial (Bermuda) Ltd

    Below you will find all posts by Brian.

  • Why Some Options Trading May Not Be As Complicated As You Think

      Options trading is often an unknown or misunderstood part of our business. While it is inherently more risky than buying or selling a stock and consequently means a higher degree of sophistication from investors, it can enhance portfolio returns and open new strategies to individual investors. While some options strategies are actually as complicated […]

  • Why Asset Allocation Is Critical To Becoming a Successful Investor

      The understanding of the vital need for proper asset allocation varies greatly among retail investors. Some individuals know of it as a necessary and crucial part of investing, while others know very little and just rely on stock picking and intuition to seek returns on capital. However, it is agreed by the vast majority […]

  • How to Take a Rational View on Market Volatility – For the Long Term Investor

    So far 2015 has been a pretty dismal year for investors and Global markets have been on a sort of rollercoaster ride over the last few weeks. However, the recent selloff in stocks and commodities may not be a sign of a global recession or bear market, but rather it may be just a normal, […]

  • How the Growing Internet is Creating a Massive Investment Opportunity

    Despite a lag in PC sales in 2015 I believe the future for the electronic device market has extreme upward potential.  And in turn, to me this means that the makers of semiconductor chips, memory and electronic hardware also have serious upward potential (for increased profits!). While the PC market may be in a decline, […]

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