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  • Custody of assets: Beyond the offshore legal and tax-planning objectives (Part 1)

    Investors know that building an investment portfolio requires careful planning and extensive research on which companies and instruments to invest.  What is often over looked is the institution with which assets are entrusted or held in custody.  Institutions that hold assets are known as custodians and they are responsible for the secure holding of financial […]

  • Is it time to invest in CRAP?

    Investing in CRAP may not be as bad as it sounds!  In fact, many noted analysts expect CRAP to be a great investment.  C.R.A.P. is an acronym for Computers, Resources, American Banks, and Phone Carriers—these industries are “levered to the investment recovery, inflation, and deregulation expected over the next years.”  The new US President Donald […]

  • The Comparative Advantage Of An Offshore Structure And Account In Today’s Environment

      Many times I have been asked, ‘Why would anyone want an offshore account?’ My answer has always been simple, ‘Why would you not want an offshore account?  They are more relevant in the globally connected and transparent world of today than ever before ’ Why do I say this?  Well, with the OECD’s tax […]

  • Helpful Tips For Investing In Junior And Exploration Resource Stocks

    If I had a crystal ball in 2002 and could clearly see the price of commodities in 2015, I would be shocked at the state of the venture resource stocks, and would probably assume the crystal ball is defective.  Back then gold averaged $280, copper $0.75 and Brent $20 – today gold averages $1,150, copper […]

  • What To Look For When Choosing An Investment Firm

    Investors should do their homework when selecting an investment firm to trust with their wealth.   Having worked offshore for over twenty years, I have seen numerous banks and brokerages open with much fanfare only to close their door within a few years, leaving their clients in financial limbo.  Opening an account with an offshore or […]

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