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Best of Bermuda Award 2015

Bermuda Office

The LOM Building
27 Reid Street
Hamilton HM 11
Telephone: +1 441 292 5000
Fax:+1 441 295-3343

The LOM Group’s headquarters resides in the heart of Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital. LOM Financial Limited was established in 1992 by a Bermudian banking and business family, whose ancestry on the island dates back many generations.  The LOM building houses our Wealth Management, Brokerage, Trading, Finance, Compliance, Settlement operations and Custody divisions.  Excluding the banks, the LOM Group is the only investment firm licensed to provide international custody operations from Bermuda.

Settled in 1609, the island is the oldest self-governing British Dependent Territory.  Not only picturesque and beautiful, Bermuda boasts centuries of political, social and economic stability, one of the reasons Bermuda witnessed a rapid growth in international business during the 80’s and 90’s.  International Businesses benefit from Bermuda’s english common law systen and centuries of jurisprudence.  In addition to Bermuda becoming one of the world’s largest reinsurance centers, it is the premiere international location for the establishment of trusts and holding companies.

LOM Office in BermudaInternational business ranks as the major contributor to Bermuda’s US$5 Billion plus gross domestic product.  Presently, there are over 18,000 international companies and partnerships operating out of Bermuda, many of which have a long established physical presence on the island.  As a result, it is no surprise Bermuda’s communications infrastructure and business network offers an advantageous environment and economy particularly well-attuned to the finance sector.

LOM Financial (Bermuda) Limited, our brokerage division, is a central component to our international headquarters.  The largest independent investment firm on the island, we are thrilled to be a part of and a contributor to Bermuda’s well heeled and active economy. LOM Financial (Bermuda) Limited’s professional investment team is fundamental to our investment products and high service levels.  Additionally, our investment team offers a full selection of private banking services that include advisory, trading and investment management to both local and international retail, as well as institutional, customers.

Services Offered

Licensed to conduct Investment Business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

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