Why choose the MyChoice MasterCard from LOM?

  • Real-time charge notification right to your phone
  • Direct cash withdrawal from ATM/ABM
  • CHIP and PIN security
  • No hidden fees
  • Mobile App and Online portal access
  • Effortless automatic payment ‘top up’ options

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Easy cash withdrawals

Funds are transferred straight from your LOM account and loaded onto your MasterCard debit card account, providing immediate access to your funds via ATM/ABM or at any of the millions of merchants worldwide that accept MasterCard.

ATM Cash Withdrawals

Clients that maintain $50,000 of liquid assets in their investment account automatically qualify for an LOM MyChoice MasterCard. Contact your LOM advisor today to find out more.

Clients may choose to have their MasterCard balance ‘topped up’ to an agreed amount at the end of each month, or to make a special payment on their card on request, in anticipation of international travel or an upcoming extraordinary expense, by contacting their LOM advisor.

Ultra secure

Your card has state of the art ‘chip and pin’ technology, or EMV security, which is a technical standard for smart payment cards.  These smart cards (or chip cards) store information on integrated circuits in addition to magnetic stripes allowing for parallel security and enhanced protection against fraud.

Secure Chip and Pin

For online purchases, the MasterCard has the Chip Authentication Program (EMV-CAP), which allows for extra secure e-commerce transactions.

24/7 online support

In addition to the 24/7 online support, as a cardholder you have access to an online portal where you can view transaction charges and your current balance, and edit your profile and your card status.  Holders have an option to have transaction notices delivered to their phones or email.  Card holders may also choose to enjoy full access by downloading the ‘MyChoice’ mobile app to their iPhone or Android.

Card holders can temporarily suspend their card online or with the App if they suspect it has been stolen or subsequently reactivate it if has just been misplaced.

Activation has never been easier

Speak with your LOM advisor about eligibility and fill out our one page LOM MyChoice MasterCard form to request a card or cards.  The card will to be delivered to you within 10 business days.

Once you receive your new LOM MasterCard contact your LOM advisor again and they will provide you with a secure four digit PIN code, and advise you of your username and temporary password for online access.   As LOM administers the card funding directly, your card will be ready for use almost immediately at any ATM or merchant reader.

Click here for terms and conditions (PDF).

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