Private Client Asset Management

Global Equity Growth Strategy Portfolio

LOM Asset Management’s primary mission is to grow and preserve our client’s assets.   Our team begins by developing with clients a tailored discretionary equity portfolio with specific geographic, sector and industry mandates designed to meet your specific investment objective.  We present each client with a comprehensive investment plan that explains the logic of the asset allocation and investment strategy we’ve developed.

Our stock selection process is rigorous, inductive and includes a healthy exchange of ideas across the organization.  We begin identifying relative value between different countries and currencies to create a global macroeconomic view.  The stock selection process is fundamental, bottom-up research used to identify companies that we feel will outperform over the long-term. This meticulous process’s end result is a carefully constructed portfolio tailored to your specific needs.

Investment Philosophy

The primary objective is to exceed client expectations without incurring unnecessary risk in the process of achieving this goal.  Through our Investment Policy Committee, you will have direct and indirect exposure to an organization of very bright professionals who are experts in a variety of specialty areas.  It is similar to having an investment think-tank complete with comprehensive consulting, portfolio management and operational capabilities at your beck and call.

Our principles of investment management are:

  • Add value through the Asset Allocation and stock selection decision.
  • Add value within each asset category through industry/sector allocation and through security selection.
  • Reduce portfolio volatility through prudent management of assets.
  • Manage client portfolios within the parameters determined in the Investment Policy Statement.

Statement of Investment Policy & Goals

LOM Asset Management views the Investment Policy Statement as the most important attribute of prudent investment management. LOM Asset Management’s detailed Investment Policy Statements identify a client’s Return Objectives, Risk Tolerance, and Portfolio Constraints (Liquidity, Legal Requirements, Unique Circumstances, Time Horizon, and Tax Situation). Next, a Strategic Asset Mix is created that will enable the portfolio to achieve these objectives while assuming the lowest risk possible. Then asset mix policy weights and ranges are established to ensure the client’s Risk Tolerances are not exceeded. Finally, the method for measuring portfolio success is developed while establishing an appropriate benchmark portfolio.

Licensed to conduct Investment Business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.