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Your Offshore Stock Brokerage & Personal Trading Desk

LOM’s trading desk allows our Private Client Advisers to fill trades instantly. Our robust electronic systems provide real-time connections to the world’s financial markets.

Our IT systems and networking structure are state of the art, allowing orders to route instantly through the LOM trading desk and on to all major markets around the world – stock brokerage execution and settlemet in North American, Europe and Asian at your disposal.  In situations where an order needs special handling, our team of experienced traders are on hand to assist.  Service is our watchword; we are technology driven and immediate.

Features of your LOM Offshore Brokerage Account include:

  • Expert advice from dedicated financial professional/private wealth adviser/offshore stock brokers
  • Precise and timely execution of trades on international and regional exchanges
  • Trade equities, ETFs, bonds, options, futures, commodities and foreign exchange
  • Hold multiple positions in different currencies on global exchanges in one account
  • Access to top performing mutual funds and fund managers
  • Access to highly sought after private placements for qualified customers
  • Money Market Deposits in USD, CAD and GBP.
  • Open architecture platform to custody assets
  • Self-clearing – custody and settlement of all trades through Global Clearing & Custody Ltd
  • Hold all major currencies consolidated into one account
  • LOM’s offshore brokerage operations are domiciled in Bermuda and Bahamas, allowing us to offer a choice of jurisdictions to our clients
  • Automatic margin lending against eligible stock positions on qualified accounts
  • Online, 24/7 access to account statements through OPUS Online
  • Online tracking and transaction reports
  • Access to real-time valuations, quotes, charts, and tracking orders through OPUS
  • Competitive full service commission rates and streamlined account structure serve all your needs

Standard Brokerage Account

The standard LOM brokerage account includes all of the above noted features, including an assigned representative to provide you with personalized service, with competitive full-service commission rates on trades.  Accounts may be designated as advisory, execution-only, or professional, depending on your experience and particular needs.  The minimum account size is $25,000.

Alliance One Account

This special category of brokerage account is a popular choice for clients interested in a cost-efficient structure for moderately active trading. The fee-based cost structure aligns the relationship between you and your Private Wealth Advisor.  The Advisor is compensated for growing the assets.  Alliance One accounts pay no commission on up to 12 equity trades per year, and enjoy discounted commissions on any additional equity trades.   The accounts are subject to monthly custody and administration charges, and require a minimum starting investment of $100,000.  Contact us for more information on terms and conditions.

Cash vs Margin Accounts

A cash account is the traditional basic brokerage account. If you have a cash account, you may make trades, but you must pay in full for all purchases by the settlement date. In other words, you must add cash to pay for purchases if the account does not have sufficient cash already. LOM requires good funds in the account before we will accept an order to buy.

If the cash in the account goes into a debit position for any reason, penalty interest rates apply until the overdraft is covered. Cash accounts are open to investors with any degree of investment knowledge and experience.

A margin account is a type of brokerage account where the broker loans the customer funds against the securities already in the account, in order to purchase additional securities. The securities in the account act as collateral for the loan. The leverage serves to magnify both the gains and losses in an account. Margin accounts are appropriate only for experienced investors that understand the risks involved.

In order to trade futures or options, or to sell securities short, you must open and be approved for a margin account. Margin accounts also receive a preferred interest rate on their available cash balances over $10,000.

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