Money Market Deposits

LOM’s Money Market Mutual Funds

In-House Money Market Funds

  • Offshore Money Market Funds
  • Liquid, safe and flexible investment fund to put your money
  • Denominated in three currencies (USD, CAD & GBP)
  • Long, conservative and safe track record
  • No sub-prime or asset backed paper
  • Daily or tri-weekly redemptions and subscriptions; easily executed through your account
  • Good alternative to Bank deposits or CDs
  • No transaction fee
  • Managed in-house

LOM manages three Money Market Funds.  These Funds are denominated and invest in US Dollars securities, Canadian Dollar securities, and Sterling pound securities.  All funds are conservatively managed and have a superior long term track record.   LOM’s money market funds provide investors with a safe place to hold easily accessible short term cash-equivalent assets.

All of the LOM Money Market Fund classes are highly liquid, very stable investments that seek to limit exposure to losses from credit market fluctuations and reduced liquidity. Management monitors macroeconomic indicators to project short-term interest rate trends. Average portfolio maturity is adjusted to be consistent with interest rate forecasts; shortened if rates are projected to trend higher and lengthened if rates are projected to fall.  Strict guidelines are followed in terms of the quality, maturity and diversity of the securities which Funds may hold.  This includes only very safe, high liquidity instruments such as short term bonds, repurchase agreements, commercial paper.  LOM’s investment team are experienced in conservatively managing the nuances of an offshore money market for over twenty years.

Money Market funds are a type of cash alternative mutual fund characterized as a safe, very liquid, low-risk investment. Money markets invest in short-term (usually less than twelve months) debt securities such as Government treasuries and commercial paper. Money market funds are widely regarded as being as safe as bank deposits yet may provide greater diversification and a higher yield.

Money markets can be an integral part of a diversified investment portfolio or a place to park short term cash that may be needed in the near future.  Money markets may be a good, liquid investment in a rising rate environment as part of a diversified portfolio.  All LOM Money Market Funds are listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange.

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