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  • Our dedicated financial advisors are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Please call us on 441-292-5000 (in Bermuda) or 242-327-5100 (in Bahamas).

    We offer our clients two types of accounts: “cash accounts” and “margin accounts”.  The minimum account size is $25,000 for standard brokerage accounts.

    Account Opening Information

    Before opening an account, we require the following documents to be completed, as appropriate:

    • LOM Investment Account Agreement (will be provided by LOM once initial contact has been made).
    • For each signatory and beneficial owner: a notarized passport, bank reference and proof of residential address.
    • Margin agreement (if applicable).

    Corporate Accounts must also provide the following:

    • Certified Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (and Certificate of Good Standing if company is over one year old)
    • Corporate Resolution authorizing the opening of the account
    • Certificate of Incumbency listing officers and directors
    • Form W-8BEN-E
    • Trust Accounts must also provide trust documentation
    • Institutional accounts should provide evidence of regulated status

    All prospective customers are subject to due diligence before an account is approved, including being vetted in third-party due diligence databases.

    Note: It is strongly recommended that qualified legal and tax professionals in the customer’s country of residence be consulted in advance of moving assets offshore.

    Policy on US and Canadian Residents

    • We can accept U.S. and Canadian citizens that are not resident in the U.S. or Canada
    • We can accept corporate clients with US resident beneficiaries provided no US resident is a signatory
    • US citizen and residents’accounts are reportable under U.S. FATCA regulations (see LOM FATCA notice here.)
    • We do not accept individual/joint accounts for U.S. or Canadian residents or entities.

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