Private Equity Funds

Access Private Equity

LOM’s management has extensive contacts and access to Private Equity (PE) investments.  We have a long history of facilitating private placements in both listed companies or as-yet to be listed companies. For sophisticated investors, investing a portion of assets in a diversified portfolio of private venture companies can enhance long-term returns. Whether through direct investment in private companies, a private placement in a single listed company or by purchasing a tranche of a private equity fund or range of funds devoted to various market sectors, LOM can assist clients in identifying, selecting and monitoring various PE opportunities.  Over the last 25 years, LOM has been very involved in financing venture companies in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Technology sectors.   Contact us to find out more

External Mutual Funds

Investors who wish to access additional global mutual fund providers through their LOM account in a simple and easy manner have access to the universe of mutual funds offered by top fund families.  LOM has direct dealing relationships with Fidelity Worldwide, Schroders, Franklin Templeton, PIMCO and GAM(Global Asset Management).

In addition, our clients have access to Hedge Funds like the Burnaby QGF Fund, a quant fund, and a range of speciality funds giving them exposure to mainland China, Asia and Africa.  Clients have no need to fill out onerous due diligence and subscription forms for the above funds, all the paperwork is seamlessly handled by your private adviser.

LOM’s unique open architecture platform allows for comprehensive consolidated reporting of all investment holdings, whether a portfolio holds individual securities or numerous speciality funds in different currencies.  LOM’s systems allow for a portfolio to be reported in the client’s base currency of choice.

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We offer full access to all major global exchange trade Funds through LOM’s in house trading system.  Clients are able to build their own portfolio using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the currency and market of their choosing. Whether they want to trade Asian or European ETFs they enjoy around the clock access to place market orders.

ETFs offer a way for clients to actively direct their accounts and focus on particular sectors and countries they think will perform well and not have to choose individual stocks or securities. Investors are able to access iShares, Market Vectors, Wisdom Tree, Direxion and other ETF families.

An ETF is a mutual fund that has listed on an exchange and can be traded instantly rather than waiting for daily or weekly redemptions like traditional mutual funds.  ETFs are popular as they allow investors to take Macro positions in different sectors and countries.  ETF tend to be liquid and can be actively managed but most are indexed or passively managed to their designated sector.

In-House Mutual Funds and Money Market Funds

We manage a conservative series of mutual funds ranging from money market to global equity funds.  A number of our funds have received best in class rating from Morningstar year after year.

All of our money market funds are managed to the highest credit standards and provide a safe, convenient and liquid alternative to bank deposits at competitive rates.  All LOM Funds are listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange.