Islamic Portfolio Investements

Islamic Solutions Portfolio

LOM is able to offer Shari’ah compliant portfolios.

  • We can manage a portfolio of Shari’ah compliant stocks on a discretionary basis. Our in-house Asset Management team runs a suite of top-ranked and top-performing mutual funds and discretionary portfolios for clients across the globe.
  • Using the same stock picking expertise utilized in our highly regarded LOM Equity Growth Fund and LOM Stable Income Fund, the LOM Asset Management team can enhance the security selection process by adding a Shari’ah compliance filter.
  • The process begins by first selecting stocks that meet a strict Shari’ah compliance test based on the IdealRatings methodology. Non-compliant industries (such as alcohol, pork, tobacco and weapons) are filtered out immediately and then individual companies are screened for Shari’ah compliant financial ratios, such as acceptable levels of debt, interest-bearing securities and accounts receivable.
  • The universe is then filtered further using our proprietary stock picking program, which ranks a variety of quantitative and qualitative factors – the same proprietary stock picking that has enabled our funds to achieve high rankings and top performance.

There is a minimum investment of $4,000,000 per account with a 1.50% per annum management fee. Please see the fact sheet, and let us know if you would like us to contact you about investing with LOM.