Wealth Management Advisors

LOM Private Wealth Advisors are dedicated, high-level professionals that provide personalised service to high net-worth individuals. Your designated private advisor provides services, from discretionary asset management, brokerage and advisory services, to more personalised financial concierge services.  Your private advisor is objective, independent and a vital component in helping you develop and maintain your wealth goals.  Whether it is developing an estate structure or acting as a sounding board for investment ideas, your private adviser is there to help to ensure a successful outcome.

LOM is able to perform all of the functions required of a traditional private bank, but with greater flexibility and efficiency.  Our primary concern is meeting your needs, with an eye to growing and preserving your capital.  Our success is measured by your success.

Features of your LOM Private Account include:

  • Expert advice and news from a dedicated financial professional/private wealth advisor
  • Precise and timely execution of trades on international and regional exchanges
  • Trade equities, ETFs, bonds, options, futures, commodities and foreign exchange
  • Hold multiple positions in different currencies on global exchanges in one account
  • Access to top performing mutual funds and fund managers
  • Access to highly sought after private placements for qualified customers,
  • Money Market Deposits in USD, CAD and GBP.
  • Open architecture platform to custody assets
  • Custody and settlement of all trades trough Global Clearing & Custody Ltd.
  • Hold all major currencies consolidated in one account
  • LOM’s brokerage operations are domiciled in Bermudathe Bahamas, and Cayman allowing us to offer a choice of jurisdictions to our clients.
  • Automatic margin lending against eligible stock positions on qualified accounts
  • Online access 24/7 to account statements and trade confirmations through OPUS Online
  • Access to real-time valuations, quotes, charts, and tracking orders through OPUS
  • Competitive full-service commission rates and streamlined account structure serve all your needs
  • Visa Platinum Credit Card Services

LOM’s Private Advisors have a world of solutions at their finger tips; speak with one today to find out your investment options.

  • Stocks & Bonds
  • Discretionary Portfolios
  • Money Market Deposits
  • LOM Funds
  • External Funds & Private Equity
  • Margin Facilities
  • Estate and Financial Planning