High return offshore mutual funds

LOM offers three global investment strategies to investors who wish to hold individual security positions and benefit from professional management. These separately managed account strategies are:

Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) provide an efficient vehicle for investors who wish to hold individual stocks or bonds in a professionally managed account and are not interested in investing in traditional mutual funds.

Investors are able to open an LOM account and choose one or more of the available managed account strategies.  The LOM asset management team will then begin building the portfolio by purchasing individual securities which represent the chosen strategy.

LOM’s portfolio managers implement and oversee the daily investment decisions and are supported by both our internal analysts and extensive external research sources, while operations and administrative staff tend to the settlement of transactions, reconciliations and collection of interest and dividends.  The LOM portfolio manager assigned to the account will make allocation decisions based on the strategy and any shifts in macro outlook as determined by the LOM investment committee.  All custody, administration, and management costs are covered by one simple and transparent quarterly fee, based on the asset value of the portfolio.

As a result of our investment in technology, LOM has been able to significantly reduce the minimum investment required to establish an SMA account to US$500,000. Now a much broader group of affluent, high net worth investors can access the benefits of customized portfolio strategies in their corporate or individual account.  Investors with over US$4 million in investable assets may be interested in a tailored discretionary management portfolio.

Investment Philosophy and Principles

LOM’s primary objective is to exceed client expectations without incurring unnecessary risk in the process of achieving this goal through sensible, far-sighted investment decisions.

  • Add value through the Asset Allocation and stock selection decision.
  • Add value within each asset category through industry/sector allocation and security selection.
  • Reduce portfolio volatility through prudent management of assets.
  • Manage client portfolios within the parameters determined in SMA Portfolio Strategy.

Separately Managed Accounts’ level of customization is one of the main selling points to high net worth individuals. Being able to see the individual stock or bond names in their account allow investors to be more closely attuned to the objectives of the particular account strategy.

LOM investors have the option of picking multiple account strategies. This allows the investor to make portfolio strategy allocations and leave the leave the time-consuming proposition of choosing which individual stocks and bonds to purchase to our professional managers.

Opening an additional LOM account is very easy process once your primary LOM account is activated. An investor can easily open subsidiary accounts for access to different strategies.   As an example, a $900,000 portfolio may consist of three accounts, each with a different strategy.

  • Equity Growth Strategy $400,000
  • Dividend Value Strategy $300,000
  • Fixed Income Strategy $250,000

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