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  • Monthly Global Market Commentary May 21, 2018

    This month, the ongoing U.S. economic recovery became the second longest on record and, if the trend persists into late next year this one could be the lengthiest ever. Americans may have reason to celebrate but some investors are more concerned about the end of the business cycle – which often goes badly. Historically, equities […]

  • LOM Canadian Fixed Income Fund Manager’s Report Q1 2018

    In February 2018, LOM launched a new Canadian Fixed Income fund to meet demand of Canadian investors. Over two months, the fund’s asset under management has grown from over one million to almost four million Canadian dollars. This fund primarily focuses on securities dominated in Canadian dollars, but can also invest in U.S. dollar issues, […]

  • LOM Equity Growth Fund Manager’s Report Q1 2018

    Concerns over rising interest rates, geopolitical tensions and fears of an escalating global trade war caused risk markets to retreat in February and March of this year after a strong January. However, throughout Q1, the LOM Equity Growth Fund managed to stay ahead of its stated benchmark, the MSCI World Stock index. For the period […]

  • LOM Stable Income Fund Manager’s Report Q1 2018

    The LOM Stable Income fund underperformed its benchmark in the first quarter of 2018, returning a negative 4.15% for the period, while the benchmark declined by 2.55%. While this was a challenging quarter, the Fund returns continue to exceed the benchmark index returns over the 3- and 5-year holding periods, returning 1.43% and 2.61% annualized […]

  • LOM Fixed Income Fund Manager’s Report Q1 2018

    LOM Fixed Income Fund outperformed its benchmark over Q1 2018 by falling less than the Citigroup 1-5 Government/Corporate bond index as short-term interest rates rose and credit spreads widened in February and March. For the period, the Fund returned -0.26% compared to a return of -0.50% for the benchmark. Over the past one-year period, the […]

  • Spectre of trade war creates uncertainty

    Tariffs debate: US President Donald Trump’s intention to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminium has brought warnings of damage to the global trading system (Photograph by Chinatopix/AP)   Equity markets were staging a comeback from early February’s plunge, but then came news of President Trump’s intention to impose tariffs of 25 per cent on imported steel […]

  • Monthly Global Market Commentary February 19, 2018

    Fixed Income Strategies for a Volatile Rate Environment – By Bryan Dooley, CFA America’s ballooning budget deficit, the winding down of central bank bond purchases and a recent whiff of inflation have conspired to push interest rates higher. Global bonds markets were relatively well behaved last year as rates marked time within a narrow trading […]

  • LOM Fixed Income Fund Manager’s Report Q4 2017

    In 2017, the LOM Fixed Income Fund USD once again delivered strong performance on both an absolute and relative basis. Over the year, the Fund provided a net total return of 3.98%, far outpacing its stated benchmark, the Citigroup 1-5 year Government/Corporate index which increased by just 1.27% during the period. Smart sector bets and […]

  • LOM Stable Income Fund Manager’s Report Q4 2017

    Over the fourth quarter of 2017 the LOM Stable Income Fund once again outperformed its stated benchmark, delivering a positive return even as the S&P preferred stock index dipped modestly into negative territory. For the period, the Fund gained 0.99% compared to a 0.87% return on the benchmark. For the year as a whole, the […]

  • LOM Equity Growth Fund Manager’s Report Q4 2017

    For the 2017 year, the LOM Equity Growth Fund achieved a net total return of 21.02% compared to the MSCI World Stock Index which advanced by 20.11%, representing outperformance of 0.91%. Synchronized global growth, rising corporate profits and a surprisingly smooth path to U.S. tax reform conspired to boost stock markets around the world in […]

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