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  • Socially Responsible Investing Comes of Age

    Global equity markets mostly consolidated sideways last week, although the Dow Jones Industrial average managed to reach a new all-time high of 22,000 after a few of its key constituents reported better-than-expected earnings. Meanwhile, Friday’s closely-watched U.S. employment report came in on the strong side with non-farm payrolls posting an increase of 209,000 jobs. The […]

  • LOM Stable Income Fund Manager’s Report Q2 2017

    For Q2 2017 the LOM Stable Income Fund ended a positive quarter despite an uptick in interest rates which caused a sell off in longer duration fixed income securities at the end of the June. In this time of gradually rising short term interest rates, dividends distributed from our preferred and common stock positions combined […]

  • LOM Equity Growth Fund Manager’s Report Q2 2017

    For the second quarter of 2017, the LOM Equity Growth Fund delivered a net total return of 4.16% compared to the MSCI World Stock Index which advanced by 3.38%, representing outperformance of 0.77%. The S&P 500 stock index gained 3.09% for the period. The Fund benefitted from well positioned sector weightings and strong security selection, […]

  • LOM Fixed Income Fund Manager’s Report Q2 2017

    The LOM Fixed Income Fund USD delivered a total return of 1.21% for the second quarter, outpacing its stated benchmark, the 1‐5 year Government/Corporate index, which increased by 0.64% over the period. The excess return on the Fund of 0.57% was net of all fees and expenses. The Fund continues to outperform its index and […]

  • Earnings Trump Trump

    Global equity markets held firm last week and continue to hold recent highs despite the ongoing political turmoil in Washington, falling oil prices, and a more hawkish Fed. At the end of the day, corporate earnings are the main driver stock prices and those have been coming in strong. For the latest quarter, companies in […]

  • A Taxing Problem

    Without question, over the past several years, heavy-handed government policies have had an increasing influence on financial markets around the world. Events such as the UK’s now infamous Brexit vote, last year’s controversial American election and more recently Emmanuel Macron’s political victory in France have had an outsized impact on currencies, securities prices and overall […]

  • Earnings Season Appears to Be the Best Since 2011

    Yes, strong numbers were expected. But 78% of firms that have reported have beaten estimates! More than 27% of the companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index have reported first-quarter results, and this is shaping up to be the best earnings season in nearly six years. But the not-so-good news: This stellar showing is […]

  • The Case for Global Equities

    President Donald J. Trump’s commitment to making America great again has helped drive U.S. stock prices to new all-time highs. The newly-elected President’s outspoken demeanor combined with soaring business confidence have stoked hopes for a more prosperous country – adding yet another leg to an extended risk rally which has made the major U.S. stock […]

  • LOM Stable Income Fund Manager’s Report Q1 2017

    Following completion of its fifth successful calendar year in 2016, the Stable Income Fund is once again off to a strong start in 2017. In Q1 2017, the Fund posted another strong quarter, exceeding both its benchmark and the Bloomberg Offshore Balanced Index. The Fund delivered a net total return of 4.37% over the period […]

  • LOM Equity Growth Fund Manager’s Report Q1 2017

    Over the first quarter of 2017, the LOM Equity Growth Fund delivered a net total return of 6.35% compared to the MSCI World Stock Index which increased by 5.27% on a fee-adjusted basis, representing outperformance of 1.08%. The Fund benefited from advantageous sector weightings combined with strong security selection which collectively contributed 165 basis point […]

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