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  • A Taxing Problem

    Without question, over the past several years, heavy-handed government policies have had an increasing influence on financial markets around the world. Events such as the UK’s now infamous Brexit vote, last year’s controversial American election and more recently Emmanuel Macron’s political victory in France have had an outsized impact on currencies, securities prices and overall […]

  • Earnings Season Appears to Be the Best Since 2011

    Yes, strong numbers were expected. But 78% of firms that have reported have beaten estimates! More than 27% of the companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index have reported first-quarter results, and this is shaping up to be the best earnings season in nearly six years. But the not-so-good news: This stellar showing is […]

  • The Case for Global Equities

    President Donald J. Trump’s commitment to making America great again has helped drive U.S. stock prices to new all-time highs. The newly-elected President’s outspoken demeanor combined with soaring business confidence have stoked hopes for a more prosperous country – adding yet another leg to an extended risk rally which has made the major U.S. stock […]

  • LOM Stable Income Fund Manager’s Report Q1 2017

    Following completion of its fifth successful calendar year in 2016, the Stable Income Fund is once again off to a strong start in 2017. In Q1 2017, the Fund posted another strong quarter, exceeding both its benchmark and the Bloomberg Offshore Balanced Index. The Fund delivered a net total return of 4.37% over the period […]

  • LOM Equity Growth Fund Manager’s Report Q1 2017

    Over the first quarter of 2017, the LOM Equity Growth Fund delivered a net total return of 6.35% compared to the MSCI World Stock Index which increased by 5.27% on a fee-adjusted basis, representing outperformance of 1.08%. The Fund benefited from advantageous sector weightings combined with strong security selection which collectively contributed 165 basis point […]

  • LOM Fixed Income Fund Manager’s Report Q1 2017

    Despite the Federal Reserve’s decidedly more hawkish tone since the end of 2016, exemplified by the sooner-than-expected rate increase at the March FOMC meeting, U.S. bond markets managed modest gains over the first quarter of 2017. The LOM Fixed Income Fund USD delivered a total return of 1.69% for the first three months of this […]

  • AHCA bill failure in the House last week…

    AHCA bill failure in the House last week was generally perceived as a setback to the Trump ‘reflation trade’ as it calls into question the overall effectiveness of the new Administration and their ability to accomplish other important goals such as tax reform and infrastructure spending. However, a bright spot for LOM is our overweight […]

  • Fed Rate Hike Underscores Improving Outlook

    The bad news is that last week America’s Federal Reserve once again hiked its benchmark interest rate, making financing costs for many individuals and corporations more expensive. The good news is that the rate hike – which came earlier than many had expected a few months ago – largely confirms a broad improvement in economic […]

  • Fed Raises Benchmark Rate as Inflation Approaches 2% Target

    Fed hiked 0.25% today as expected, but bonds are rallying with 10 year up over 1/2 a point and yield down to 2.52%. From TD: Hike, but that was priced in. Unchanged dot plot for 2017, 2018 and long run and largely unchg growth/inflation. 2019 median moved up slightly by 12.5bp. Symmetric and dovish dissent […]

  • Healthcare and QuintilesIMS for Equity Growth Strategy

    Our strategic overweight to the Healthcare sector has been paying off in the equity strategies this year with the MSCI Healthcare Index outpacing the broad MSCI Stock Index by over 350 basis points year-to-date (+9.38% versus +5.85%). We have positions in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices. But another way to play the steady growth in […]

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