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A Tough Week For Equities

Markets gave back gains from the prior week’s rally on fears of rising US/China trade tensions, Brexit concerns and weaker-than- expected macroeconomic data. The MSCI World Index lost -3.69% while the S&P 500 lost -4.55%. The 30-year Treasury rate gained 3.82%, as the generic yield fell to 3.14%. Huawei Huawei is a Chinese state-owned telecommunications […]

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Libor rate’s days could be numbered

Read the original article here: The Royal Gazette This month’s sharp rise in interest rates highlights the attractiveness of investing in shorter term bonds. Longer term, fixed-rate bonds generally decline in price when rates climb, while short-duration bonds are much less sensitive. Many “low duration” issues simply have shorter dated final maturities, while others have […]

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Opportunity in emerging-markets credit

America appears to be winning the trade war — at least according to the markets. US stocks have just experienced one of the best stretches compared to non-US stock markets in quite some time. Based upon rolling three-month investment returns, the recent level of outperformance measures an impressive two standard deviations above the norm, or […]

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LOM Financial Limited Releases 2018 Interim Results

HAMILTON, Bermuda – 23rd July 2018 – LOM Financial Limited (“the Company”; Ticker: LOM.BH) today announced the Company’s interim financial results to 30 June 2018. In a letter to shareholders, the company’s CEO stated: 2018 Half Year Financial Results 20th July 2018 To our Shareholders: The first half of 2018 saw the commencement of operations […]

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Spectre of trade war creates uncertainty

Tariffs debate: US President Donald Trump’s intention to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminium has brought warnings of damage to the global trading system (Photograph by Chinatopix/AP)   Equity markets were staging a comeback from early February’s plunge, but then came news of President Trump’s intention to impose tariffs of 25 per cent on imported steel […]

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Custody of assets: Beyond the offshore legal and tax-planning objectives (Part 1)

Investors know that building an investment portfolio requires careful planning and extensive research on which companies and instruments to invest.  What is often over looked is the institution with which assets are entrusted or held in custody.  Institutions that hold assets are known as custodians and they are responsible for the secure holding of financial […]

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The Power of Long-Term Dividend Investing

Before going to the main subject, I would like to give you my take on the Trump presidency, as a lot of my clients were asking me for my opinion. I told them a story of my father and I, which took place when I was working with him. I didn’t like certain businessman that […]

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Why seek a financial advisor’s expertise

People often act independently when making financial decisions—from budgeting to purchases, to mortgages and credit cards. However, there are cases and stages in life when seeking advice from a financial professional can be beneficial. The Web has plenty of resources and reading material about personal finance and smart money management, but no one solution fits […]

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LOM expert sees Trump as boost for investors

LOM expert sees Trump as boost for investors

Original source: Article by: Raymond Hainey Image credit: Raymond Hainey The Trump presidency could be good for business and investors, an island asset management firm said yesterday. Bryan Dooley, general manager of LOM Asset Management, said: “We see a lot of positives — the whole pro-business attitude is good for markets.” He added: “If the US […]

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Discretionary portfolios

Discretionary portfolios: Founded on trust, sustained by expertise

A discretionary portfolio is a form of securities investment where the vast majority of the strategic investment decisions are made by an asset manager on behalf of a client.  Commonly tailored for institutional businesses like trusts, pension funds, high-net worth individuals or family offices, Discretionary Investment Management is built around TRUST.  First and foremost, the […]

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