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Spectre of trade war creates uncertainty

Tariffs debate: US President Donald Trump’s intention to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminium has brought warnings of damage to the global trading system (Photograph by Chinatopix/AP)   Equity markets were staging a comeback from early February’s plunge, but then came news of President Trump’s intention to impose tariffs of 25 per cent on imported steel […]

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Custody of assets: Beyond the offshore legal and tax-planning objectives (Part 1)

Investors know that building an investment portfolio requires careful planning and extensive research on which companies and instruments to invest.  What is often over looked is the institution with which assets are entrusted or held in custody.  Institutions that hold assets are known as custodians and they are responsible for the secure holding of financial […]

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The Power of Long-Term Dividend Investing

Before going to the main subject, I would like to give you my take on the Trump presidency, as a lot of my clients were asking me for my opinion. I told them a story of my father and I, which took place when I was working with him. I didn’t like certain businessman that […]

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Why seek a financial advisor’s expertise

People often act independently when making financial decisions—from budgeting to purchases, to mortgages and credit cards. However, there are cases and stages in life when seeking advice from a financial professional can be beneficial. The Web has plenty of resources and reading material about personal finance and smart money management, but no one solution fits […]

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LOM expert sees Trump as boost for investors

LOM expert sees Trump as boost for investors

Original source: Article by: Raymond Hainey Image credit: Raymond Hainey The Trump presidency could be good for business and investors, an island asset management firm said yesterday. Bryan Dooley, general manager of LOM Asset Management, said: “We see a lot of positives — the whole pro-business attitude is good for markets.” He added: “If the US […]

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Discretionary portfolios

Discretionary portfolios: Founded on trust, sustained by expertise

A discretionary portfolio is a form of securities investment where the vast majority of the strategic investment decisions are made by an asset manager on behalf of a client.  Commonly tailored for institutional businesses like trusts, pension funds, high-net worth individuals or family offices, Discretionary Investment Management is built around TRUST.  First and foremost, the […]

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Investing in CRAP

Is it time to invest in CRAP?

Investing in CRAP may not be as bad as it sounds!  In fact, many noted analysts expect CRAP to be a great investment.  C.R.A.P. is an acronym for Computers, Resources, American Banks, and Phone Carriers—these industries are “levered to the investment recovery, inflation, and deregulation expected over the next years.”  The new US President Donald […]

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US Finance after Trump election

The Trump Bump and Financial Services

With the U.S. election in the rear view mirror, investors are looking ahead to the December Fed meeting where futures markets suggest another rate hike. The likelihood of a rate increase on top of the Republican party sweep has recently tumbled the prices of longer term bonds and interest-sensitive equities including real estate investment trusts […]

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Donald Trumps wins US election

Market on Trump Victory

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory and the Republican sweep of the House and Senate obviously upended markets overnight and we are looking at a sloppy opening this morning for U.S. risk markets. Dow Jones Industrial futures have fallen 1.3% while S&P 500 futures have fallen 1.2%, but both had traded much lower overnight. The markets were […]

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Life After BREXIT

Last week global financial markets were roiled when the U.K. voted in favour of leaving the EU. Now Western Europe faces much greater uncertainty as to its ultimate economic and political future with possible outcomes ranging from a near term U.K. recession to a fundamental breakdown of the EU if other member countries begin to […]

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