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Approaching Neutral

Markets rebounded sharply last week with the MSCI World Index gaining 3.40% while the S&P500 rose 4.91%. The bond markets were mainly flat on the week. The Federal Reserve The Federal Reserves’ role is to balance unemployment with inflation. It achieves that goal by controlling the cost at which banks can borrow money and by […]

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Keep Calm and Carry On

Last week, the S&P index headed for the worst month since 2009. Concerns about peak earnings and high valuations sent most sectors down with the MSCI World Stock Index falling 3.90%. The safe heaven assets from gold to Treasuries rose as investors sought refuge. Last Tuesday, Caterpillar Inc. and 3M Co. plunged following their third […]

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Another Volatile Week

Global equity markets had a tumultuous few days last week, triggered by rising Treasury rates and trade war concerns. On Friday, the U.S. equity markets and emerging markets pared some losses as trade tensions eased. The U.S. market was also boosted by solid earnings from the banking sector. The S&P index and the MSCI world […]

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Market analysis

LOM Stable Income Fund Manager’s Report Q3 2018

Over the third quarter of 2018, the LOM Stable Income Fund outperformed its stated benchmark by delivering a total return, including dividends of 2.03% compared to the benchmark return of 0.46%. The Fund continues to stay ahead of its benchmark and has outperformed most of its peers even as rising interest rates have begun to […]

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Market analysis

LOM Equity Growth Fund Manager’s Report Q3 2018

Global equity markets posted positive returns in the latest quarter despite rising interest rates, less accommodative monetary policy and ongoing trade tensions. Over Q3, The LOM Equity Growth Fund once again outperformed its stated benchmark, the MSCI World Stock index, helped by well positioned sector, currency, and country weightings. For the quarter, the Fund produced […]

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Market analysis

LOM Fixed Income Fund Manager’s Report Q3 2018

The LOM Fixed Income Fund USD posted a positive return over Q3 2018 while outperforming its stated benchmark, even as US interest rates continued to rise on back of America’s record-setting economic recovery. For the quarter, the Fund returned +0.42% compared to a return of +0.25% on the benchmark Citigroup 1-5 Year Government/Corporate Bond Index. […]

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Rising Rates Rattle Markets

Global markets fell sharply on the tail end of last week. The S&P 500 ended the week down -0.95% while the MSCI World USD Index fell -1.49%. Another Rate Hike The fall in the market was driven by rising interest rates. The Federal Reserve announced its third rate hike of the year (in line with […]

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Market analysis

LOM Balanced Fund Manager’s Report Q3 2018

The third quarter was characterized by lower volatility in the equity markets and rising interest rates in the fixed income markets. The Balanced Fund modestly underperformed the benchmark in this period, gaining 1.65% while the benchmark gained 3.09%. The offshore peer group earned 0.64% during the same period. The fixed income portion of the portfolio […]

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Risk Takes Center Stage

Global markets pared gains last week as concerns over trade and contagion in the emerging markets came closer into focus. The MSCI world index lost 1.69% while the S&P Index lost 0.98%. Brazilian Front Runner Stabbed Jair Bolsonaro, the front runner in the Brazilian election was stabbed during a rally. He is currently in stable […]

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US Mexico Trade

Markets Rally on Certainty

Markets had a strong week as the US and Mexico came to a preliminary trade agreement. The S&P gaining 0.98% while the MSCI World Index rose 0.68%. US-Mexico Trade Agreement The US and Mexico reached a trade agreement on Thursday. While details are not expected to be released until late September, the White House has […]

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