LOM Financial launches new promotional video

The LOM Financial Group, a premier offshore financial services company based in Hamilton, Bermuda, has launched a new promotional video that highlights the many top-of-the-line services it offers to international clients. The video features the company’s operations in key locations around the world, including its Head quarters in Bermuda and offices in the Bahamas, the United Kingdom, and Asia.

Scott Lines, CEO of the LOM Group, was happy with the outcome of the project. “We are very pleased with the final result of the production and the hard work and professionalism of our advertising agency, Strata-G. The video aptly highlights the LOM Group’s local Bermudian roots and continuingly expanding global presence.”

Production of the video began early this year and Bermuda-based production house INTO Bermuda was commissioned to build the visual content. Strata-G, a local digital services company, laid out the marketing plan and put all pieces together. All parties involved focused on developing a video that would boost the company’s presence online and consequently, attract more investors to tap into its world-class, state-of-the-art wealth management tools and expertise.

Anna Laura of Strata-G who “thoroughly enjoyed working on the LOM promotional video,” said “The film was shot and edited in Bermuda with the help of local production house INTO Bermuda. We hope the video effectively communicates LOM’s array of financial services and showcases the company’s global presence.”

“From the inception of the project through to completion we were very impressed with quality and responsiveness of all participants” stated Craig Lines, President of LOM Group International Operations. “This video will be a useful tool in demonstrating the depth of service and physical presence of the LOM Group to international clients.”

The LOM Financial Group offers a wide spectrum of financial services and products—such as private banking, custody, advisory, mutual fund, and asset management—designed specifically to meet the needs and fulfill the financial goals of high net-worth individuals, institutional customers, and expatriates. For more about the company and how you can leverage on their expertise to build a solid portfolio, visit this PAGE or talk to one of its financial advisors.

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